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Case Study

At a site where we installed a large wireless network also need to provide CCTV coverage. The previous CCTV supplier was unable to provide the number of cameras required covering the distances involved so we were asked to provide a solution.Read more...

The old way of running CCTV systems with co-axial cable, separate power supplies and a phycial DVR for recordings has been superseded by Cameras that take power from and run over the network and software based recorders that a more flexible, support unlimited cameras (subject to required storage being available) and are easier to securely access remotely.

Many traditional CCTV installation companies do not possess the networking knowledge required to properly implement a secure CCTV network across your existing infrastructure so will either install additional equipment (at additional cost) or will do it in an insecure way. Clearly neither of these two options is desirable.

As with the WIFI kit we recommend using Ubiquiti networks CCTV equipment as it's high quality, well prices and incredibly versatile. Suitable for indoor our outdoor deployments and the software based DVR can be installed on existing server hardware on premise or offsite in Amazon's cloud service.


If you have a preferred supplier for CCTV equipment we can talk to them about what is required to run the equipment and make sure your network is configured in a safe, secure and reliable way so that the CCTV engineers can just plug the cameras in without having to worry about the network at all. Planning and preparation prevents poor performance.

Design and Install

If you do not have a current supplier for CCTV equipment then we can talk to you about your requirements and design a system that fits your needs. Whether it's a small two camera system to monitor the front door and a cash register or 20+ cameras streaming HD video to an Amazon Cloud server we have it covered.