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Case Study

A customer we have worked with a couple of times in the past got in touch after having a "scare" when their main server failed to boot. We went in and talked to them about possible options and eventually recommended they set up a "warm spare" server on site using a virtual machine setup and file synchronisation with rsync.Read more...

Consultancy and support are the main stays of our business and tend to drive the other jobs that we undertake. We have many years of experience dealing with many different business sectors. For some business we are their only IT support, for others we provide additional support to their current IT team.

We are able (and happy) to travel when required and have previously visited customer sites in Sweden, Italy and Romania.

Initial conversations are always free of charge whilst we identify what if any help we can provide. We are always looking to make long term relationships with customers and to provide quick, cheap fixes.

We also know our limits so if the project you have in mind is out of our capabilities we will suggest other organisations to help or project manage on your behalf and subcontract work.