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System Integration

Case Study

Working with senior management to link current stock control system to several new warehouse label printers. Working with an in house software developer providing technical consultation, assistance with coding, network installation and project management services.Read more...

Integration of services is at the heart of what we try and do at QCT. Whether it's having you Accounts package make a note in your CRM when an invoice is sent or your production system automatically allocating staff to the correct production line when they clock on, automation and integration are the key.

Most services now offer something called an Application Programing Interface (API) which is a way for one program to talk to another. Our in house software development team can leverage these API's to link different services together with some outstanding results on overall efficiency.

Due to the very bespoke nature of this kind of project we would need to come and talk to you about your current systems and work out the best solution for you. Initial very high level consultations would almost certainly be free of charge to enable us to give you a more accurate estimate of costings for implementation.

As with all of the services we offer, we can either provide a turnkey solution where we scope, design, project manager, and implement the system or we can work with your existing team or external partners and fill in the gaps. The case study here is a perfect example of the latter.