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Networking Services

Case Study

After performing a network survey and providing feedback we were tasked by a local company to replace their existing network switches (the current ones need windows XP to configure) and to add a second internet connection.Read more...

Your network comprises the backbone of your IT Infrastructure and allows computers, wireless devices, printers, servers to talk to each other and to the internet. Your network should also be an important part of your overall security plan and be designed to be fault tolerant where possible.

Making use of network technologies like VLAN tagging, Spanning Tree, Link Aggregation / Trunking, RADIUS and CARP can seriously improve both security and the reliability of your network. Hopefully you don't know what most of those words mean (why would you, that's our job) but if you do and would like some help implementing them or checking them over then give us a call.

As with nearly all of the services we offer the first step of any consultation regarding your network would be a free of charge chat to work out what your have and what you want to achieve. Based on that we would provide you with an estimate for how long we think that work will take and what our change would be to undertake the work. For larger or more complicated setups we might need to quote for additional time to investigate the current setup before we can draw up a full plan.

Cable Testing

There are standards for the way network cable should be installed and cabling that is standards compliant tends to work better and give higher speeds. We can test your cabling to ensure it is up to specification and advise if any sections need to be updated or replaced. We test both copper (cat 5 / 5e / 6) and Fibre optic cable. We always include testing as part of any installation we carry out!

Hardware Supply

Once your cable is all installed and tested correctly the next step is to source, supply, setup and install the correct networking hardware to allow all of your devices to talk to each other. We only work with high quality equipment normally from either HP or Ubiquiti and ensure correct, safe installation of kit

General Diagnostics

Network not performing as well as you think it should? We can come along and do some checks to see if there is anything we can do to improve the situation (there nearly always is). Keeping an eye out for errors, looped cabling, double patching and saturated uplinks helps us to get the best out of your existing hardware