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Case Study

A very large estate in Derbyshire that hosts events and music festivals asked us to provide a wireless network to cover an area of just under 1 square km that would cope with 25k people and without needing mains power!Read more...

Sometimes just leaving your Internet service providers router in the corner of the office is good enough... It's rarely the best option though.

WIFI is an integral part of most offices and is one of the key speed bottlenecks that we find when we do network surveys. From out of date routers using old slow protocols through to dead spots caused by the office microwave we have seen it all (maybe). Your wireless network is also a key potential point of entry for hackers so ensuring that it's up to date and secure is critical. Some systems that are designed to make life easier actually have a seriously detrimental effect on security.


A common job that we are asked to do is to perform a wireless network survey. We use some clever bits of software and map out the strength of the wireless signal across your site and look at how and where wireless is being used. You can perform a more basic version of this survey with a fire plan of your site and a mobile phone, this might be a good first step before getting us in to do a more detailed survey.

We use the information we gather to draw up a plan to ensure you are getting the right signal strength in the right places. Sometimes amendments to wireless systems will also involve some additional network cabling, but that's fine as we can also take care of that for you.

Design and Impliment

Getting the right kind of WIFI access point in the right place on the correct channel at the right strength takes a bit of thinking about and a good understanding of how Radio Frequency (RF) signals interact with each other. QCT has staff who are Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Administrator qualified so you can be assured we are designing and implementing the right system for you.

Whilst Ubiquiti hardware is our first choice we are also quite happy working with systems from other manufacturers; Cisco / Meraki, Ruckus, Netgear and D-Link for example (we have previously been members of both Netgear and D-Link's partner programs).